A whole new way to tap into the music

Touch, slide and tap your way to the music you love and discover new favorites from Rhapsody’s original editorial content and programming.

Runs on Android tablets sized 9” or larger and Honeycomb (3.0) OS.

Rhapsody, redefined for the tablet

We didn’t resize Rhapsody – we re-imagined the Rhapsody experience for the tablet.

Your tablet is not a giant phone or a mini computer. It’s your companion on the couch, in transit and out in the world. So we made Rhapsody more engaging, more touchable, with loads of content and new paths to music discovery.

Add music to the moment

Power your party by making playlists with friends on your tablet. Add a soundtrack to your eBook or as an accompaniment to a recipe you’re cooking up.

No Signal? No problem. On a plane? Taking the subway? Download playlists and listen even without an active connection.

Dive into Features

Now it’s even easier to discover new albums, read about the artists you love and get lost in the music with our editor-made playlists.

The tablet transforms Rhapsody editorial into a magazine-like experience, with rich imagery and links across the universe of reviews, playlists, and features that editors have produced over the past decade.