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Access your music anytime on mobile, web and connected devices.



Download tracks to access without an Internet connection.



Create custom or listen to pre-programmed playlists.



Kickback and play non-stop music with no ads.

Say it, play it

Alexa, play music on Napster.

Use Alexa voice commands to access Napster and play your favorite artists, songs, albums, stations and playlists.

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Feature earprint


Creates a personal audio experience for your headphones based on your individual hearing. It's easy to customize with a short 90 seconds hearing test.

Feature listenernetwork

Listener Network

The best recommendations come from the people who have similar taste. With Napster’s Listener Network share and discover new music with listeners like you.

Feature kidsmode


iOS, Android

Set up kids mode in the app to create a listening safe zone for your child to only have access to music you select or that is specially curated content by our editorial team.

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Take your music with you wherever you go - online or offline. We support some of the most popular and easy ways to access your music.

Supported Devices

  • Vcar trending
  • Vcar country
  • Vcar new
  • Vcar cafe

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Chill Country

Pull on those boots and kick the curb with this mix of the best Americana and country music.

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