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Pure Dub features a reggae rhythm track with plenty of reverb and studio effects, sometimes with vocals. During Dub's early days in the 1970s, producers like King Tubby, Augustus Pablo and Lee "Scratch" Perry would frequently start with the A-side of a reggae single and load it with of bass and reverb to create the "Dub version" B-side, burying the vocals amidst mesmerizing echoes.

As the style developed, entire records were cut in the Dub style, with reverb applied to nearly every instrument imaginable. More recently, Dub reggae has influenced numerous electronica genres like Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass and Trip-Hop. Some Dub producers have started to remix music by non-reggae artists as well -- the Mad Professor deconstructed Trip-Hop act Massive Attack's 1994 record Protection and twisted it into a new creature altogether on No Protection: Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor.

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