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Latin & World Jazz Music

As a hybrid of African and European traditions, jazz has always been a music of cultural cross-pollination. The earliest definition of jazz, written by Jelly Roll Morton, made explicit the music's "Latin tinge." In the 1930s, guitarist Django Reinhardt incorporated European folk music into his playing; ten years later the fusion of jazz with Cuban rhythms gave rise to an international dance craze. During the same period, the mellifluous sounds of Bossa Nova filtered up from Brazil, led by seminal songwriter-pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim. In the late 1960s, inspired by psychedelia's fascination with the sitar, jazz musicians began incorporating drones and modal, Indian improvisations. Meanwhile, Avant-Garde guru Sun Ra borrowed from west African drum patterns. In Nigeria, political radical and master improviser Fela Kuti infused his country's rhythms with American jazz & Funk.



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