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It's rare that a genre's origins can be traced to a single album or two, but Country Rock arrived when Gram Parsons recorded Safe At Home with the International Submarine Band, then briefly joined the Byrds in 1968 for the definitive Sweetheart of the Rodeo, a fusion of Parsons' Honky-Tonk and mountain music tastes with the Byrds' Folk-Rock. Parsons' next band the Flying Burrito Brothers, continued the tradition on The Gilded Palace of Sin, released in '69.

Through the '70s, some Southern Rock bands fused country themes and twang; while Neil Young's output significantly influenced the genre as well. Parsons' legacy also inspired the Rolling Stones' more twangy songs, including "Wild Horses" and "Honky Tonk Women." This legacy lives on through a legion of Alt-Country bands, with the Jayhawks, and Ryan Adams among the most prominent torchbearers.

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