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I have a @Rhapsody account. Now I officially feel like I rule the world.

Rhapsody Premier Offer Terms

  • You will not be billed for Rhapsody Premier until your 30-day free trial ends. After your free trial period, the credit card you provide will automatically be charged a membership fee of US $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) per month.
  • To avoid the US $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) per month membership fee after your free trial, you must cancel before the free trial period expires. Users that do not cancel before the end of the free trial period will automatically be charged a membership fee for Rhapsody Premier at US $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) per month.
  • A U.S. payment method will be required to obtain the Rhapsody service.
  • With your Rhapsody subscription, you can stream music in one location at a time. You can authorize up to three devices to download music and play offline at any one time. Rhapsody's mobile apps will guide you through that process, or you can manage your device authorizations in My Account.
  • All users during a free trial period and all subscribing members will be charged for each individual track and/or MP3 purchase.
  • Rhapsody will not replace or allow re-downloading of lost or damaged music files once the initial download is complete. For this reason, we recommend that you backup the music you have purchased from Rhapsody for personal use to a CD or external hard drive.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on "My Account" and following the cancellation instructions.
  • For technical support, please visit customer support.

Also please note:

  • U.S. residents only.
  • Rhapsody may modify or withdraw this trial offer at any time.
  • Rhapsody may, at its sole discretion, change the features and services offered in Rhapsody at any time.
  • The terms and conditions governing your use of Rhapsody are described in the Terms of Use, which you must accept in order to access Rhapsody.