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Weird Napster: Terrible Songs by Celebrities

by Mike McGuirk

Weird Napster: Terrible Songs by Celebrities


In the long tradition of terrible music put out by celebrities, there is nowhere to start except with the infinite cheesiness of Leonard Nimoy's "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins," unless you want to go with his co-star William Shatner singing anything, David Hasselhoff defining '80s crappiness or Billy Bob Thornton's ill-advised Tom Waits impression. Then there's Crispin Glover's unlistenable "These Boots Are Made for Walking," Arnold Schwarzenegger giving workout orders over "It's Raining Men," Steven Seagal playing "the blues" (shudder) … there is seemingly no bottom to this well. There are, however, plenty of bottoming-out moments. Sorry. Please enjoy this terrible music, and whatever you do, DO NOT crank it up.

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