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Weird Napster: Polkas, Oompahs, Bier

by Chuck Eddy

Weird Napster: Polkas, Oompahs, Bier

About this playlist

Ever try vigorously dancing and drinking beer at the same time? It can be dangerous, but that never stopped these polka and oompah bands, many no doubt hefty German and Polish men with accordions to match their lederhosen. Though five of these 20 titles mention beer, we've also got polkas about a rubber dolly, blonde bombshells and little green men -- plus two about Krakow, and one from an album wonderfully subtitled Steins, Fräuleins, Football & Frankfurters. Plus, Frankie Yankovic is still investigating who stole that doggone keeshka. And we supply a "Bavarian Welcome" at the start, and an "Auf Wiedersehen" at the end.