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Warped Tour Stars 2013

by Evan Lucy

Warped Tour Stars 2013

About this playlist

At this point in its storied existence, the Vans Warped Tour is older (19 years and counting) than most of the mohawked and swoopy-haired attendees that pass through those parking lot gates each year. Indeed, this endless summer is still one of the most well-attended tours, thanks in large part to its mix of established acts and a bevy of under-the-radar soon-to-be superstars. This year, you'll find everything from thinking man's emo (Motion City Soundtrack) and raucous pop punk (The Wonder Years) to EDM (Big Chocolate), electro pop (3OH!3) and ear-shattering hardcore rock (August Burns Red) -- truly something for everyone. We're hoping tour founder Kevin Lyman is purposely holding back some punk rock royalty like NOFX, Pennywise or Bad Religion for the tour's 20th-anniversary trek next summer, but there are still plenty of mosh-pit-ready acts worth your time this year. Before you stock up on sunblock and safety pins, check out this playlist of some of Warped Tour 2013's must-see bands.

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