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Warm Weather Sounds

by Rachel Devitt

Warm Weather Sounds

About this playlist

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. And the polar vortex is definitely NOT delightful. Neither are the soul-suckingly gray skies, the stupid rain, the terrible roads, the cabin fever or whatever personal hell your particular location has wrought upon you in this bleak midwinter. (Those of you in warm, tolerable climates, just ... be quiet for now. Or! Quit being selfish and invite the rest of us over!) We need a vacation, right? Right. OK, we know actual sandy beaches, balmy breezes and winter-erasing tiki drinks might not be feasible right now for most of us. But at least your ears can jet off to a tropical destination with this playlist of songs about, set in and longing for Mexico, Jamaica, various unnamed or fictional islands (Kokomo, anyone?) and more by the likes of Madonna, Will Smith, Weezer and others. Sail away, sail away, sail away from the crappy, never-ending winter blahs!

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