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Vintage British Psychedelia

Vintage British Psychedelia

About this playlist

The classics are, of course, covered in our Vintage British Psychedelia playlist: Donovan yearn for the lost continent Atlantis, Syd and Pink Floyd see Emily play, The Who buy a magic bus, Cream tell the tale of brave Ulysses, and The Stones travel 2,000 light years from home. But be sure those flowers are firmly in your hair because this mix also launches you and your third eye down a DayGlo rabbit hole of lost classics and overlooked gems.

Many of these tunes are deliciously pop-centric (Les Fleur De Lys' "Circles," Blossom Toes' "What On Earth") while others unleash reverb-drenched acid-rock squall (The Deviants' "Somewhere to Go," Deep Purple's "And the Address"). Moreover, there's a good number of tunes that should be as iconic as anything from The Who and Donovan, but they have inexplicably never moved beyond cult status. These include the swirling title track from The Pretty Things' 1968 masterwork S.F. Sorrow (rock's first opera), The Incredible String Band's touching "A Very Cellular Song" (a psych-folk chestnut for sure) and the Hawkwind mantra "Space Is Deep" (one of the catchiest tunes in the band's sprawling catalog).

Finally, we touch on those bands within the movement that would eventually morph into first-wave progressive rockers. After all, the earliest albums from Yes, Genesis, The Moody Blues and the Soft Machine are at times deeply lysergic.

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