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Artist Spotlight

Vicente Fernández's Greatest Hits

by Rachel Devitt

Vicente Fernández's Greatest Hits

About this playlist

Lots of singers can make you smile, laugh, sing along, maybe even cry. But only a select few can make you swoon. Vicente Fernández has been in the business of making pulses race and knees go weak for more than five decades, as a young pup singer earning comparisons to kingpins like Javier Solis, as an actor and as a veteran producer/crooner. And at age 73, the ranchera/mariachi jefe is still at the top of his game. In the last couple years alone, Fernández has put out three albums, ushered his son Vicente Fernández Jr. into the upper echelons of the industry (with 2012's Los Dos Vicentes), toured extensively and, oh yeah, beaten cancer. And now he's got a new hit single ("La Vida Es Una Copa De Licor") and his umpteenth new album (the just-dropped Vicente Fernández Hoy) that dramatically sweeps and soars across swelling string and sobbing horns -- like a boss. Just look at that mustache: There's nothing this guy can't do.

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