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Artist Spotlight

Vampire Weekend and Their Cousins

by Dan Weiss

Vampire Weekend and Their Cousins

About this playlist

Vampire Weekend only multiply what they do more and more with each respective release. Their new Modern Vampires of the City takes its title from Junior Reid's "One Blood," while the celebrated single "Step" builds off a line from Souls of Mischief's obscure "Step to My Girl" and a melody from "Aubrey" by Bread, of all things. "Ya Hey" flips the title of an Outkast song you should all know, while past hits like "Oxford Comma" built their reputation as squares who know when to reference Lil Jon's "Get Low" or Peter Gabriel. And their music's famous for its overtones, like the marriage of Paul Simon and highlife on "White Sky."

Here's a mix of the Vampire Weekend universe's greatest tunes, from influences they've covered (Rancid's "Ruby Soho") to ace collaborations (The Very Best's "Warm Heart of Africa" and Sir Victor Uwaifo's "Guitar Boy" sample that inspired it) and, of course, their own surging hooks ("Giving Up the Gun," "A-Punk," "Diane Young," "Cousins" … you get the picture.)