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U.S. Latin Rock Royalty

by Monika Fabian

U.S. Latin Rock Royalty

About this playlist

Overshadowed by Anglo and Latin American rock worlds, U.S. Latino rock acts have it kind of rough. Almost since the very beginning of rock 'n 'roll, Chicano and Latino rock acts have been fusing cultural influences and expanding the melodic and instrumental palettes and possibilities of rock and pop. (A notable example is Ritchie Valens' 1958 cover of the Mexican folk standard "La Bamba.") Yet when it comes to getting some recognition, most Latin acts hardly get their propers -- or their names in history books.

If Valens, Santana and Los Lobos are the extent of your stateside Latino rock mental inventory, then click on the playlist to get to know other Latin luminaries, like '60s Chicano garage rockers Thee Midniters and Cannibal & the Headhunters; Detroit's Mexican American troubadour Rodriguez; and "The Beatles of the Bronx," the Ghetto Brothers. And lest you think Latin rock died in bell-bottoms, The Mars Volta, Girl in a Coma and Santa Cecilia will show you what Latin rock sounds like in the new millennium.