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Friday Mixtape

Undeclared, Undecided and Uninspired

Undeclared, Undecided and Uninspired

About this playlist

Going into college with an undeclared major, I thought some course would jump out, grab me and steer me toward a life with purpose. Philosophy, sociology, geography, and economics -- none held my interest. Friends spent their summers interning at advertising agencies in the city or driving tomato trucks for two months straight; I used my summer months differently, preferring backyard barbeques and inner-tubing down a lazy river. If you could graduate college with a major in Hacky Sack and a minor in riding bikes, I would have finished at the top of my class.

I wouldn't necessarily classify myself during those years as being a slacker; holding down steady part-time jobs and getting good enough grades (C's earn degrees!), I was focused enough to eventually choose a major (Design, no finals!). The time outside of school, however, camping and generally goofing around as an undergraduate, were a lot more satisfying than cashing that big check or networking towards a future in stockbroking.

Many years removed from college, summers aren't as long and adult responsibilities are adding up, but I thought I would make a mixtape to commemorate those wistful days.

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