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Artist Spotlight

Uncle Tupelo for Wilco Fans

by Nick Murray

Uncle Tupelo for Wilco Fans

About this playlist

Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn were neither the first punks to go country (the Meat Puppets and the Jayhawks, for instance, had combined the genres in previous years, and Elvis Costello had made the leap from New Wave long before) nor the last (see indie band The Men). But Uncle Tupelo's No Depression, released in 1990, is remembered not only for its 13 scrappy tunes, but also as the inception of a (somewhat) new genre and as the namesake for that genre's 'zine of record. Still, the band is often remembered -- if at all -- as how Jeff Tweedy cut his teeth before forming Wilco. Here, we've put together a greatest-hits playlist that ought to appeal to both new listeners and longtime fans.

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