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Ultimate Grunge Workout Mix

Ultimate Grunge Workout Mix

About this playlist

Of modern rock's countless permutations, few pump up fitness freaks as intensely as grunge. There's good reason for this: Meaty and mean, even a little funky at times (see Mother Love Bone and the criminally underappreciated Skin Yard), the movement's most classic jams boast that perfect balance of mechanical propulsion and hard-raging angst required of both treadmill grind and merciless weight-lifting. And does there exist a better poster boy for the intersection of hard rock and fitness than a shirtless and gloriously sweaty Chris Cornell breaking out of rusty cages and outshining the competition? Now, as for sonic flow, my mix kicks off with a pair of slow-burn brooders in Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" and Candlebox's "You." Things get gnarly and snarling in a hurry, however: Green River's neo-Stooges throwdown "Swallow My Pride," Alice in Chains moaning about "Them Bones" and, of course, Nirvana smelling like teen spirit (which probably doesn't smell all that different from the locker room at your local Y). A personal fave, Hole's retro-glam rocker "Celebrity Skin," can be heard toward the end. About halfway through, Courtney Love poses a question relevant to any hardcore gym rat: "Can you stand up or will you just fall down?" Suit up. Turn it up. Get ripped!

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