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Ultimate Breakbeats, Pt. 3

by Chuck Eddy

Ultimate Breakbeats, Pt. 3

About this playlist

This third installment gathering songs once crate-dug on the late '80s, rap-DJ-beloved vinyl bootleg series Ultimate Breaks and Beats is typically varied: Lots of '70s funk and disco bands and James Brown-mentored singers (including two women); jazzbos Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers and Stanley Turrentine; The Pointer Sisters and blues guitarist Johnny Jenkins covering New Orleans R&B; early Washington, D.C., go-go from E.U.; British glam pop from Fancy; a surprisingly beat-heavy track from a presumably awful 1979 Jefferson Starship album; dexterous rock drummers helping Steve Miller and John Mellencamp tell stories about Billy Joe and Bobby Sue and a little ditty about Jack and Diane, respectively. The selections all appeared on the UBB volumes numbered SBR 514 through SBR 519. And below is a guide to just a few of the better-known places each of the tracks has been sampled (according to the database at whosampled.com, which has far more expansive lists) -- Beastie Boys fans, especially, owe the Fatback-associated one-single Brooklyn lady funk trio Wild Sugar more than they'll ever know.

Wild Sugar: Beastie Boys, "Brass Monkey"
Lyn Collins: Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, "It Takes Two"
Marva Whitney: Public Enemy, "Bring the Noise"; NWA, "F*ck Tha Police"
Baby Huey: Eric B and Rakim, "Follow the Leader"
Steve Miller: Beastie Boys, "Time to Get Ill"; NWA, "Gangsta Gangsta"
John Mellencamp: Eric B and Rakim, "Paid in Full (Derek B's Urban Respray Version)"; Jessica Simpson, "I Think I'm in Love With You"
Jefferson Starship: Public Enemy, "Rebel Without a Pause"
Fancy: Beastie Boys, "3-Minute Rule"
Jimmy Castor Bunch: Jungle Brothers, "On the Run"; M/A/R/R/S, "Pump Up the Volume"
E.U.: Beck "Where It's At"; 3rd Bass, "Product of the Environment"
Lafayette Afro Rock Band; Sundry obscure Q-Bert and Pizzicato Five cuts. (Oh well.)
Johnny Jenkins: Beck, "Loser"; Wu-Tang Clan, "Gun Will Go"
The Pointer Sisters: Treacherous Three, "Yes We Can-Can"
Yellow Sunshine: D.O.C., "Whirlwind Pyramid"
Bar-Kays: Royce Da 5'9, "My Friend"
K.C. and the Sunshine Band: Digital Underground, "Doowutchyalike"; Dr. Dre, "Lil' Ghetto Boy"
Donald Byrd: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, "A Touch of Jazz"
Blackbyrds: Massive Attack, "Blue Lines"; Nas, "Get Down"
Roy Ayers: T La Rock, "Breaking Bells"; Compton's Most Wanted, "I Give Up Nuthin"
Stanley Turrentine: Boogie Down Productions, "My Philosophy"; Ice Cube, "What They Hittin' Foe?"
Marvin Gaye: Gang Starr, "Take a Rest"
Pleasure: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, "Brand New Funk"; Big Daddy Kane, "Word to the Mother (Land)"
Kay Gees: Eazy-E, "No More ?'s"
Kool & the Gang: Nas, "NY State of Mind"; Q-Tip, "Breathe and Stop"
JBs: Digable Planets, "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)"

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