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Typhoon's Summer Favorites

by Stephanie Benson

Typhoon's Summer Favorites

About this playlist

Portland indie collective Typhoon draws from a rich patchwork of sounds and emotions for their eccentric orchestral pop. Led by Kyle Morton, the band has just released the dark and gorgeous White Lighter, and to celebrate they've given us a "Spending the Summer on My Patio" playlist, saying: "In the summer, sometimes it's good to sit around outside and listen to some good music and watch the day go by. If I was sitting around on a summer day and someone started in on these songs, I'd chill 'til the DJ switched. These are my songs for one of those days where you don't really do anything, but it never feels like a waste of time."

The playlist is heavy on the indie rock, from Beat Happening's "Indian Summer" to Neutral Milk Hotel's "The King of Carrot Flowers" and Pavement's "We Dance," with some singer-songwriter classics from Van Morrison and Bob Dylan sprinkled in between (it's clear Typhoon respect a smart lyric). Press play and enjoy a poignant moment on your patio.

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