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#trendingJuly: Pop on the Rise

by Jason Gubbels

#trendingJuly: Pop on the Rise

About this playlist

We here at Napster still don't claim to fully understand the algorithm Billboard uses to determine their up-to-the-minute rankings of pop singles on new Twitter chart Trending 140 -- something to do with specific songs shared over the course of an hour measured against hourly average shares (and probably a little long division for good measure). But whatever the math equation, both the Trending 140 and Emerging Artists charts have become essential online tools for anybody trying to literally stay on top of the pops.

Our latest sampling of what's been trending recently on Billboard's Twitter charts brings you breakout singles from all corners of the pop music universe, meaning Detroit rocker Jack White and West Virginia country star Brad Paisley rub up against X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony and Canadian R&B enigma The Weeknd. And thanks to the free-flowing nature of Twitter conversations, this playlist might be one of the few occasions where indie sludge-rockers Death from Above 1979 share space with Puerto Rican reggaeton star Wisin and pop sensation Ariana Grande. So go ahead, give your ears a roller coaster ride, and check out what's been lighting up Twitter with our #trending playlist.

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