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Transplants' Fast and Crooked Universe

by Dan Weiss

Transplants' Fast and Crooked Universe


About this playlist

Before Transplants convened in 2002, no one could've predicted that Rancid's Tim Armstrong and Blink-182's Travis Barker would be interested in rap at all, much less fusing it with punk and drum 'n' bass for a whole record. Still, Rancid's eclecticism wasn't surprising, and Armstrong would go on to write songs with Pink, while Barker collaborated with everyone in the universe, remixing Soulja Boy and doing an EP with Dirty South motormouth Yelawolf, presumably because they have the same affinity for neck tattoos. But Transplants' "Diamonds and Guns" became ubiquitous in a way Rancid's tunes never were; and Barker's intensely skilled drumming evolved from his early ska days with The Aquabats to Blink's hyper-speed pop to his own dabbles in rapcore. Armstrong meanwhile was genre-flipping all the way back in Operation Ivy, before ska-punk was a buzzword.