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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1982: Trans Am Tunes

by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Senior Year, 1982: Trans Am Tunes

About this playlist

The year 1982 was a great time to be a guy in high school. While your parents may have been consumed by the deepening recession and worried about the Tylenol cyanide poisonings, you were living it up. Disco was dead, Porky's was in theaters and Knight Rider was on TV. And while your Trans Am didn't talk back, it sure made you look cool.

Even cooler were the tunes you had blasting from your car's open windows. Those girly Go-Go's and wimpy Spandau Ballet were banned. Leave those to the goody-goodies with their after-school activities. Instead, you were off campus as soon as school ended, blaring some Cheap Trick, who were back after two years and a few lineup changes. By spring, Loverboy's latest gave you feel-good rock anthems like "Working for the Weekend," and Germany's Scorpions were making their mark. Others like Rush, Van Halen and dearly departed band The Babys helped round out your playlist. While the first CD player would sell in Japan that year, you were happily oblivious, rockin' those cassette tapes and loving every minute of it.