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Top Tracks 2011: Rolling Deep with Adele

by Rob Harvilla

Top Tracks 2011: Rolling Deep with Adele

About this playlist

Napster turns 10 years old this month, and in celebration we've crunched the numbers and determined our 15 most popular songs for every year we've been alive. Here are our findings.

Here in the present, there is only Adele, with two monster jams we're not even close to being sick of yet. Get well soon. In the meantime, Katy Perry and her never-ending fount of No. 1 singles will help fill the void. Lil Wayne cemented his comeback, barely beating out protégé Nicki Minaj, whose "Super Bass" remains unbelievable. (Plus there's a pretty good chance that if we revisited the stats a month or two from now, Drake would show up here, too.) Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull add some demographic variety; LMFAO make you smile in spite of both yourself and themselves. Because you can't listen to "Rolling in the Deep" all the time. Not that we didn't try.