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Napster Top Tracks 2007: Fergie, Nelly, Carrie, Beyoncé

by Rob Harvilla

Napster Top Tracks 2007: Fergie, Nelly, Carrie, Beyoncé

About this playlist

Napster turns 10 years old this month, and in celebration we've crunched the numbers and determined our 15 most popular songs for every year we've been alive. Here are our findings.

The pop divas take over. Fergie reigned supreme in '07, and she had a royal court to die for, including Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood and Nelly Furtado all pointing you to the left and/or the door, while Rihanna strutted out in the rain. Nickelback and Daughtry (and even the unflappable Fall Out Boy) stuck up for all you "Rockstar" types, though, while T-Pain and Akon worked to make their own very distinct voices as ubiquitous as possible. Good stuff, but you can't help but circle back to Fergie, whether she's bragging about her Taco Bell consumption or crying it out over some unworthy dude. You know where to go, pal. Hint: not the right.