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Napster Top Tracks 2003: The Golden Age of "Hey Ya!"

by Rob Harvilla

Napster Top Tracks 2003: The Golden Age of "Hey Ya!"

About this playlist

Napster turns 10 years old this month, and in celebration we've crunched the numbers and determined our 15 most popular songs for every year we've been alive. Here are our findings.

C'mon, you loved it. Everyone loved it. Even after rampant overexposure, "Hey Ya!" retained its vivacious charm, easily overwhelming a field that included Beyoncé's solo bow, the Black-Eyed Peas' first real step toward global conquest, Lil Jon's finest hour, a delightful fluke hit for the mega-wry Fountains of Wayne and the nearly equally ubiquitous "In Da Club." 3 Doors Down and Trapt kept the flame for rock lifers; Sarah McLachlan and Norah and, yeah, Coldplay gently blew it out. But Outkast's commercial apex was undeniable: we all loved "The Way You Move," too.