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Top Country Albums, May 2014

by Linda Ryan

Top Country Albums, May 2014


Before the storm of new summer releases hits, we thought we'd back up just a bit to shine a light on a few key albums that came out during the past month or so. First of all, if you haven't heard our Ones to Watch artist for May yet, you definitely need to give Nikki Lane's All or Nothin' a listen … pronto. Produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, this retro-leaning alt country gem is a sassy breath of fresh air. It may not be what country radio is playing, but Lane's sultry twang sure sounds better than most of those bro-country hitmakers. Similarly, Sturgill Simpson may have quietly just released the Album of the Year with Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Simpson's sound is reverentially rooted in honky-tonk, and his warbling baritone recalls a young Waylon. If, while listening to contemporary country radio, you've ever said, "They just don't write 'em like they used to," give ol' Sturgill a spin -- your life will be changed, guaranteed. And those releases are just the tip of the iceberg, because we also have new albums from Dolly Parton, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, The Secret Sisters and a whole lot more. Hit play and get caught up on the latest and greatest country music releases.

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