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Top 25 Emo/Punk Songs of 2003

by Evan Lucy

Top 25 Emo/Punk Songs of 2003

About this playlist

In some ways, 2003 feels like forever ago. Green Day had largely fallen off the map and were still a year away from unleashing the career-reviving American Idiot. In their place, blink-182 had taken the pop punk crown thanks to their forward-thinking self-titled smash -- but even they were less than two years away from a nasty falling out and lengthy hiatus.

So, while the futures of its heavy hitters remained in question, the punk scene saw a massive sea change, one that found the underground becoming the new mainstream. Yellowcard's summer soundtrack Ocean Avenue would catapult the group to rock radio stardom, while Brand New's Deja Entendu marked immense growth for the band and raised the bar for just about every other group in the scene. And who could forget the four ex-hardcore kids from the Chicago suburbs called Fall Out Boy, who would eventually become Top 40 darlings?

This massive shift can partially be attributed to the major-label mindset at the time, as record execs scrambled to bring their bosses the next blink-182. The result? Even bands with a serious edge (we're looking at you, AFI, Thursday and Thrice) got a piece of the pie and released multiple major-label albums. So here we've compile the top 25 emo/punk songs of 2003, a time in the scene that was truly once in a generation.

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