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Top 20 Metal Albums – June 2013

by Chuck Eddy

Top 20 Metal Albums – June 2013


The overriding theme for metal this month is: old people! Well, not entirely. From witchy Canadians Blood Ceremony to stoney Germans Kadavar to folky Finns Hexvessel to proggy Swedes New Keepers Of The Water Towers to AC/DC-ish Australians Airbourne to weepy-screamy Brits Bring Me The Horizon, plenty of youngish folks are in the haunted house as well.

Bands whose new albums you're most likely already tired of hearing about, though, come from long-in-the-tooth geezers: Iggy and the Stooges (led by a 66-year-old), Black Sabbath (a 64-year-old backed by a couple other guys in their 60s), Queens Of The Stone Age (40), Megadeth (51.) Add excellent Thin Lizzy spinoff Black Star Riders (with a 46-year-old singer, but also a guitarist who's 62), metal-jazzers Ceramic Dog (fronted by 59-year-old Marc Ribot), solo-ing King's X frontman Dug Pinnick (62), and an all-covers album from the Melvins (headed by Buzz Osborne, 49), and … well, maybe QOTSA's Josh Homme doesn't seem so ancient after all. (His band also doesn't sound particularly metal anymore, truth be told -- and their new album is not much better or worse than the Stooges', Sabbath's, or Megadeth's, no matter what hype you may have read elsewhere, but lots of metalheads tend to like him, so it'd seem neglectful to leave him out.)

Well anyhow: Ageist jerks, be forewarned! But again, even if your metal tastes lean more toward freshmen than seniors, there's lots to explore here. So bang heads heartily -- but at your own risk!

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