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Top 15 Metal Albums, November 2013

by Chuck Eddy

Top 15 Metal Albums, November 2013


The biggest Metal News of the Month has to be that mysterious ancestral forest suddenly thawing and emerging, with trees and everything, from under a 37-square-mile glacier in Southern Alaska that's been a river of ice for more than 1,000 years. Hey dudes, maybe global warming's not so awful after all! Meanwhile, the La Brea Tar Pits celebrated their 100th anniversary, which seems suspiciously young. Then there are this month's best metal albums, many of which combine what's great about frozen woodlands and fossil-filled goo, perhaps with some yeti DNA mixed in.

Matter of fact, two bands here are resurfacing after eons submerged in the wintery wilderness, as well. New Wave of British Heavy Metal thumposaurs Satan's Life Sentence is not only their first album in 26 years but also one of the best albums (metal or otherwise) of 2013. And God-fearing L.A. power-metal weightlifters Warlord's not-bad The Holy Empire is only the second album they've released since their 1984 debut.

Of course, Motörhead -- who never went away -- were around a while before those two groups even hatched. And other veterans of psychic wars represented this month have certainly logged plenty of time on the road and in the racks: Death Angel (formed in 1982); Fates Warning (1984) and their fellow progresso professors Dream Theater (1986); Monster Magnet (1989); Satyricon (1991). Heck, even Korn first got together two whole decades ago, in 1993. (Feeling old yet?)

None of which means to slight this month's class of up-and-comers, led by a truly epic doom debut by the Norwegians in Magister Templi. And though Sweden's Enforcer only started in 2004, they sound way more like 1984 -- good for them! Fashionable young folks may admittedly be more excited by Red Fang and Pinkish Black, however. And Skeletonwitch and Trivium have been around long enough to most likely not care what I think. Besides, you might love 'em!

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