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Top 15 Metal Albums, August 2012

by Chuck Eddy

Top 15 Metal Albums, August 2012


Can I just admit that although it is an absolute blast to piece together these Metal Roundups every month, spotting trends every time is not always easy? So let's see here: As usual, this month there's some of your gloomy doomy metal, your prance-y glammy metal, your fancy proggy metal, your folksy forest metal, your boogie-woogie metal, your power-metal bench-pressing 10 times its own weight, your extreme metal feasting on the entrails of innocent children, and so on and so forth. Just the right mix for a month in which America's newest vice-presidential candidate shocked the world by claiming his favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine and Pussy Riot. (Okay, maybe I goofed with one of those -- easy to get headlines mixed up.)

But as for fresh trends changing the face of metal, I'm kind of stumped ... oh wait, duh, now I see it! At least two, count 'em, two bands below -- Conan and Little Caesar -- share names with pizza chains! And I probably wouldn't even know about Conan's Pizza if I didn't live in Texas these days, and I might not be aware of Little Caesar's Pizza if I didn't come from Michigan. Googling suggests that's probably the extent of this month's trend, but if you're aware of a Nile Pizza or Black Breath Pizza somewhere (or even, let's say, Brick Coven Pizza, ha ha), please let us know.

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