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Top 12 World Albums, Fall 2012

by Rachel Devitt

Top 12 World Albums, Fall 2012


You know what's so great and also slightly insane about these so-called World Roundups? In 12 albums or fewer, we get to cover the entire world, you guys! OK, all dumb jokes about the ridiculousness of the term "world music" aside, this little list of the last couple months' best albums does make some serious tracks around the globe: Brazil (by way of Bonde do Rolê and the global hipster dance circuit), Nigeria (by way of Antibalas' New York City Afrobeat), Colombia (by way of Quantic and a staggering spectrum of music from across Latin America), and a large chunk of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora. Oh, and don't forget the Middle East by way of Jamaica, by way of West Chester, aka the Around the World with Matisyahu package. It is virtually impossible not to find at least one thing to like here.