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Top 12 Electronic, December 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Top 12 Electronic, December 2012


Put down that pen and paper (or spreadsheet, as it may be): The year's not done yet! While critics and retailers may be subsumed in their annual look back at the previous 11 months in music, worthy new albums keep on coming. This month, we catch up on the finest new electronic full-lengths, quite a few of them contenders for any Best of 2012 short list.

Entirely coincidentally, five of this month's highlights come from the same corner of the American synth underground. Cleveland's Emeralds return to Editions Mego with the surprising follow-up to their 2010 album Does It Look Like I'm Here?, while band member Steve Hauschildt also turns up with a new solo album. At the same time, the Spectrum Spools label (co-created by Hauschildt's Emeralds cohort John Elliott) is responsible for mind-blowing new outer-limits fare from Bee Mask and Container. Rounding out the batch are Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) and Tim Hecker with an immersive collaborative effort.

Easing back from the edge, Lindstrom delivers his second album of modern-day disco within a year, Trent Reznor returns with a new How to Destroy Angels EP, Björk collects the best Biophilia remixes, and Hercules & Love Affair mix up an hour's worth of jubilant '90s house music, while Ital, Adult., and Legowelt offer their own twisted interpretations of dance music. Listen to them all below, and discover even more with our Top 12 Electronic playlist, featuring further tracks from FaltyDL (remixed by Four Tet), Matthew Dear (remixed by Seth Troxler), Matthew Herbert (remixed by DJ Koze) and more.