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Rachel Devitt

Top 10 World Albums, Summer 2012

by Rachel Devitt

Top 10 World Albums, Summer 2012


This edition of our World Roundup is dominated by both hot young up-and-comers and beloved global music greats -- a perfect combination of past and present, tradition and innovation that speaks to the perfect combination of all that stuff the gigantic umbrella term "world music" encompasses. In the up-and-comers' corner, we've got the blazing-hot debut of neo-Ethio-jazz outfit Debo Band, the achingly gorgeous (and aptly titled) globe-trotting second collection of world soul from Imani Uzuri, and DJ Maga Bo's electro-futuristic renovation of various and sundry Brazilian pop delicacies. In the classics corner, we've got a rich Rough Guide to West African highlife, along with "new" classics from rock 'n' Afro-pop revolutionaries Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars and post-modern popsters Cornershop. Dig in!