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Top 10 Electronic Albums, February 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Top 10 Electronic Albums, February 2012


This month's Top 10 electronic albums mostly avoid the dancefloor, but not entirely. Barcelona's John Talabot has whipped up a woozy whirl through club music's outskirts with his debut album -- even though it works just as well as indie pop, if you prefer -- while Ital's Planet Mu debut views house music through the prism of post-punk and gauzy, industrial electronics. (Or something. It's a trip.) Inhabiting more downbeat grounds, France's Air soundtrack a silent film from 1902, and Ghostly artist Mux Mool extends his perspective on abstract hip-hop.

On the outer limits, the improvising trio Tetras explores the boundaries of free jazz and drone, while Harmonious Thelonious delivers his third album of African music-box overdrive, and the electro producer Andrea Parker reworks Daphne Oram's decades-old tapes. Fans of Autechre, Monolake and Marcel Dettmann, meanwhile, will all be thrilled by Rrose's 2011 collaboration with Bob Ostertag for the Sandwell District label, which only recently saw a welcome digital release.

And then there's Grimes: Her debut album of chirpy electro-pop may not be to everyone's tastes, but it's certainly a different kind of album -- and, in my own experience, a grower.

For good measure, we've included links to 10 recent EPs from the fringes of electronic dance music.