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Top 10 Country Albums, March 2013

by Linda Ryan

Top 10 Country Albums, March 2013


Well, March Madness is here! Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, there are plenty of other events that help make this month one of the craziest times of the year. First, there’s that whole spring forward time-change thing that never fails to throw me out of sorts for at least a week. There’s like a two-week sweet spot right before it changes where it’s light when you wake up in the early morning, and still light when you come home from work. And then … poof! It’s gone.

Then there’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is its own special brand of madness. You’ve all been there, I know. And darn it if we don’t go back there year after year after year. But hey, this is one of the few days of the year where we all get to drink like Blake Shelton, right?

And what about SXSW, a week-long string of nonstop parties, showcases and a few panels to boot? Between the beer and the Texas barbecue lies more than just a little madness. It probably takes Austin an entire year to recover. It’s like spring break for music lovers.

Did I just say spring break? Talk about madness! The King of Spring Break, the Tsar of Tailgating, the Prince of Parties -- aka Luke Bryan -- has parlayed his yearly spring break parties into one very fine and aptly titled album, Spring Break … Here to Party. Read about it, and other fine new country releases, below.