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Linda Ryan

Top 10 Country Albums, July 2012

by Linda Ryan

Top 10 Country Albums, July 2012


Fourth of July festivities are done and dusted, and summer feels like it's reached its midway point. Have you done your summer "thing" yet? Camping? Heading to the beach or the lake? Hawaii? Mexico? We haven't yet ourselves, but it's a good reminder that summer doesn't last forever, and plans need to be made! Even if the plan is to simply do nothing.

Is it our imagination, or does certain music sound better on a sunny day? Zac Brown Band's Uncaged certainly does. Same with Alan Jackson's Thirty Miles West. Guess the Georgia heat got into their grooves! And hello? Summer literally drips from Beachwood Sparks' Cosmic American sound. Aside from those awesome albums, there have been plenty of fantastic releases since the last time we checked in. Whether you're into modern or traditional country, something with an Americana feel, or something more on the pop side, we've got it all here for you in this edition of Napster's Country Roundup.