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Top 10 Classical Releases, September 2013

by Seth Colter Walls

Top 10 Classical Releases, September 2013


We're used to covering a wide range of musical practices in the classical genre, but this month things seem especially diverse. We've got medieval music, with the latest in the Sequentia vocal group's celebrated Hildegard von Bingen cycle -- and we also have fresh titles from contemporary New York-scene heavyweights like Zeena Parkins and Charlemagne Palestine.

In between, we have orchestral music by the likes of Mozart, Bruckner, Hindemith and Magnus Lindberg. In case that wasn't enough, star soprano Anna Netrebko makes her way into the Verdi repertoire, while the guitar quartet ZWERM plays adventurous (and experimental-rock-like) pieces by living composers. Plus, Philip Glass wrote a harpsichord concerto. (You heard right!) Check it all out in the appended playlist -- and see the track-by-track breakout below for the composers and works you'll find in our mix.

Tracks 1-2: Paul Hindemith "Konzertmusik. Op 50"
Track 3: Hildegard von Bingen, "O gloriosissimi lux (Antiphon to the Angels)"
Track 4: Zeena Parkins, "Invented"
Track 5: Giuseppe Verdi, "La luce langue"
Tracks 6-8: Philip Glass, "Harpsichord Concerto"
Track 9: Larry Polansky, "Tween (K-Tood #2)"
Track 10: von Bingen, "O victoriosissimi triumphatores (Antiphon to the Martyrs)"
Track 11: Parkins, "Constructed"
Tracks 12-14: W.A. Mozart, "Piano Concerto No. 25 in C Major"
Track 15: Joel Ford, "Gauss Cannon"
Track 16: Charlemagne Palestine, "Duo C/Z #1"
Tracks 17-19: Magnus Lindberg, "Souvenir"
Tracks 20-21: Alvin Curran, "Underwater Princess Waltz" / "Her Waltzing With Her"
Track 22: von Bingen, "Kyrieleison"
Track 23: Verdi, "Gran Scena del sonnambulisma: 'Una macchia è qui tuttora'"
Track 24: Parkins, "Song"
Track 25: Clinton McCallum "round round down"
Tracks 26-29: Anton Bruckner, Symphony No. 2 in C Minor

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