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Top 10 Classical Albums, June 2014

by Seth Colter Walls

Top 10 Classical Albums, June 2014


Your classical desk has been busy this month: We haven't just been putting together a list of the most interesting recordings to cross the transom; we've also been expanding our range of radio station offerings. So perhaps it was natural that we'd place cuts from Guy Livingston's snazzy survey of George Antheil's jazz-age piano works in this month's roundup as well as in our Parisian Cafe Hits radio station hopper. Likewise, composer Jefferson Friedman's new song cycle with ex-Shudder to Think frontman Craig Wedren, On in Love, doesn't show up just in our playlist here; it is also included in our new Cutting-Edge Classical radio portal.

Though rest assured our monthly roundup also includes music that you should click through to find, right here and now. Conductor Riccardo Muti leads the Chicago Symphony through a thrilling new symphonic essay by young composer Anna Clyne, titled "Night Ferry." The Seattle Symphony's new record label starts out strong with a version of Charles Ives' Symphony No. 2; musikFabrik pianist Benjamin Kobler gives us a crystalline performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Klavierstück X"; and Julia Fischer takes on the flashy virtuoso lead part in violin music by the Spanish Romantic composer Pablo Martín Melitón de Sarasate. With some new symphonic music by Kaija Saariaho (played by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), a Shostakovich piano trio, and a vocal sextet's new recording of a piece by Meredith Monk, we've got a rich collection of sounds ready for you to explore. Keep track of who wrote which piece with the composer tracklist included below.

Track 1: David Lang, "Right and Wrong"

Track 2: Jefferson Friedman, "Refuse to Die"

Track 3: George Antheil, "Little Shimmy"

Track 4: Pablo Martín Melitón de Sarasate, "Jota Aragonesa"

Track 5: Anna Clyne, "Night Ferry"

Track 6: Friedman, "Famous Planets" (acoustic)

Tracks 7-14: Meredith Monk, Basket Rondo

Track 15: Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Klavierstück X"

Tracks 16-20: Charles Ives, Symphony No. 2

Tracks 21-22: Saraste, Op. 21

Tracks 23-28: Kaija Saariaho, Circle Map

Track 29: Antheil, "Fourth Sonata for Pianoforte: Jazz Sonata"

Track 30: Lang, "He Was and She Was"

Tracks 31-34: Dmitiri Shostakovich, Piano Trio No. 2

Track 35: Antheil, "Swell Music"

Track 36: Friedman, "Glacier"

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