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Top 10 Classical Albums, January 2014

by Seth Colter Walls

Top 10 Classical Albums, January 2014


This month, we're peeking through the back catalog of 2013 recordings that we somehow missed, or didn't manage to spend enough time with. Hey, you try to keep up with New York Philharmonic's release schedule! The orchestra's live concert series dumped three excellent releases on us in the last quarter of the year: a recording of an operatic rarity by Luigi Dallapiccola (see our post about it here); new works by living composers -- such as Andrew Norman and Anders Hillborg -- on Contact 2012-13; and finally, an evening of two Stravinsky ballets.

Meantime, your classical office spent the New Year catching up with the Aleph Guitar Quartet, who recorded a fine (and slightly surprising) new piece by spectralist master Georg Friedrich Haas. And we also made time for a new take on Beethoven's Symphony No. 2, Prokofiev's fourth, and some early music played by harpsichord master Andreas Staier. So click play, check our tracklist of composer credits below and enjoy!

Track 1: Anders Hillborg, "Vaporized Tivoli"
Track 2: Georg Friedrich Haas, "Guitar Quartet"
Tracks 3-6: Beethoven, Symphony No. 2
Track 7: Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, Suite in C Minor: Gigue Vite
Track 8: Lubomyr Melnyk, "Marginal Invitation"
Track 9: Andrew Norman, "Try"
Track 10: John Luther Adams, Inuksuit: Part IV
Track 11: Luigi Dallapiccola, Il Prigioniero: Scene 4
Track 12: Johann Jacob Froberger, Plaincte faite à Londres pour passer la Melancolie la quelle se joüe lentement et à discretion
Tracks 13-16: Prokofiev, Symphony No. 4
Track 17: Georg Muffat, Passacaglia in G minor (Apparatus Musico-Organisticus)
Tracks 18-26: Stravinsky, "Petrushka"
Track 27: Phill Niblock, "Two Lips"

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