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Heirs to Justin Timberlake's Throne

by Rachel Devitt

Heirs to Justin Timberlake's Throne

About this playlist

Once there was a prince -- a prince among pop stars, really. And he had the bluest eyes and the most adorable curls and the most regal dance moves and the most dashing falsetto heard in all the land since the reign of the King of Pop himself. This new scion was Justin Timberlake, and he came from the Land of Boy Bands to conquer all of funky-fresh, hip-hop-hued pop-dom.

During the good prince's reign, the people danced and sang, the hits flowed like mead, Sir Timbaland (the prince's bravest knight) traveled far and wide to bring the land's flyest beats to the prince's subjects, and the sexy was restored in the kingdom once again. But one day, the prince grew weary of his throne and decided to leave it to conquer another kingdom, called Hollywood. The people wailed and keened and hoped and prayed that the prince would return. But alas, his eyes now glittered with new riches, like Oscar nominations and a part in Bad Teacher, and he grew cold to the people's grief.

But not all the ears the people's demands fell upon were deaf. Nay, a new crop of would-be princes scrambled and scuttled and fell upon themselves to win the abdicated throne. And yea, while the people still mourned the absence of their prince and continued to wish for his return, they listened with interest as the new contenders dueled each other. Armed with sharp beats and sexy whispers and sweetly funked-up falsettos, new boy bands like The Wanted and Mindless Behavior, pre-pubescent princelings like Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance, soulful dance-popppers like Mike Posner and Joe Jonas, and even another Lord Justin blessed with youthful looks, a silky falsetto and a way with a stuttering dance beat (and the ladies) duked it out on the charts. And the people watched and waited and wondered who would become their new prince -- and rejoiced once again.