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Artist Spotlight

The World of Owen Pallett

by Barry Walters

The World of Owen Pallett

About this playlist

Rising up through the indie rock world via his effusive violin playing and equally vivid string arrangements for Arcade Fire, Toronto's Owen Pallett now boasts a discography that rivals those of far more commercially minded musicians. Over the last 10 years, this prodigious talent graduated from the confrontational folk of The Hidden Cameras to creating orchestration for Taylor Swift, and he has done it without compromising his art. Only a certain kind of artist can release an album titled He Poos Clouds, win Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize with it, and then exponentially grow his résumé.

Whether he's working for R.E.M., The National, Mika, Duran Duran or Beirut, Pallett's sound is both classical and adventurous. Having studied music since he was a toddler, he has serious performance chops, but his arrangement skills are even bolder. Whereas stodgier peers squash the rock 'n' roll spirit of their collaborators, this guy heightens it, as you'll hear on this playlist featuring both his solo work (under Final Fantasy and his own name) and his many, many commissions.

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