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The World of Grizzly Bear

by Stephanie Benson

The World of Grizzly Bear

About this playlist

From their humble beginnings (mostly just singer-songwriter Ed Droste playing around at home) to their new status as critical and commercial darlings, Grizzly Bear have been an intriguing indie entity for about a decade now. The band has evolved from Droste's minimal lo-fi acoustic approach on 2004's Horn of Plenty to the expanded quartet's electro-folky psychedelia on 2006's Yellow House to the intricate sound weaves of 2009's breakout Veckatimest and 2012's Shields.

Together, the foursome has created its own sonic world, one balancing grandiosity, beauty, starkness and eeriness all in one. But the members of Grizzly Bear have also built upon that world with their own projects, including the Daniel Rossen-led Department of Eagles, Chris Taylor's CANT and Rossen's own solo work. Transport yourself to their mystical land with our World of Grizzly Bear playlist, which compiles tracks from each of the group's releases along with the artists' various other endeavors.

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