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Artist Spotlight

The Tim Buckley Songbook

by Jim Allen

The Tim Buckley Songbook

About this playlist

Tim Buckley was one of the most distinctive stylists of the '60s and '70s, a mercurial troubadour who passionately and powerfully pursued his muse across an eclectic string of elegantly idiosyncratic albums. Folk rock, baroque pop, R&B, jazz and avant-garde explorations all became part of Buckley's bailiwick. With his fluid, multi-octave vocal range, peerless ear and fearless vision, he created a body of work so singular it would seem destined to discourage interpretation. But you can't blame a body for trying -- from the first flowerings of his career to the present, long after his tragically early passing in 1975, ambitious artists have proven powerless to resist covering Buckley's bewitching tunes. From rock royalty like Robert Plant to '80s dream pop cult heroes This Mortal Coil, our playlist includes some of the best Buckley covers around, with a couple of choice cuts from the man himself thrown in just to keep everybody else humble.

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