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The Sounds of Morrissey's Autobiography

by Barry Walters

The Sounds of Morrissey's Autobiography


About this playlist

Mixing charm and vitriol as only he can, Morrissey pours himself into his Autobiography -- quite likely too much for the casual fan. But passionate musical listeners of all stripes are likely to relate to how dearly he holds his favorite records and entertainers. Throughout the book's 457 pages, but particularly in its early stretches that predate the formation of The Smiths, the Manchester-born antihero enumerates many of the key songs and singers of his life. And as his professional circle widens in the wake of The Smiths' and his subsequent solo success, he notes both valued associates and esteemed acquaintances. Yes, dear skeptics, a few do actually exist.

This playlist presents all of the available touchstones in the order in which they are mentioned in the book. When the author praises a performer without specifying a specific track, we've taken the liberty of picking a selection we consider especially Moz-esque.

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