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The Many Faces of Seether

The Many Faces of Seether


The number of line-up changes Seether have undergone since coming together in 1999 (back when the South African act still went by the name Saron Gas) is so large that the subject actually warrants its own Wikipedia page, one complete with a color-coded timeline. Even within the last year Seether's personnel has changed; the ensemble (a trio) that recorded the newly released Isolate and Medicate isn't the same one currently touring the world in support of their sixth full-length (a quartet). Indeed, turnover has been so steady that it could even be argued that Seether are less a band and more a rotating cast of full-time members and session musicians anchored by singer, songwriter and guitarist Shaun Morgan and his trusted bassist Dale Stewart (who in 1999 co-founded the group). Incidentally, it should also be noted that the hard-hitting John Humphrey has occupied the drummer's seat since 2003, yet before him sat numerous others.

One of the intriguing consequences of all these hired guns passing through their ranks is the sheer number of fellow hard rock bands with which Seether has shared musicians. The list really is an impressive one, including heavyweights Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, A Perfect Circle, Sevendust, Nine Inch Nails, Static-X, Audioslave and Staind. In-demand session drummer Josh Freese, who worked with the outfit in the early '00s, has himself toured and/or recorded with more than one of these bands (as well as a dozen others). To fully appreciate Seether's place within modern hard rock's tangled family tree (including a hearty dose of their own greatest hits), simply press play!

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