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The Long Island Sound

by Evan Lucy

The Long Island Sound

About this playlist

Standing in the shadow of the New York skyline, Long Island is considered by many to be the birthplace of 21st-century emo. Inviting comparisons to the evolution of Seattle's grunge scene a decade prior, Long Island bands like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Glassjaw crafted underground hits that eventually became anthems for a new wave of music fans. These bands also contributed to the self-refreshing nature of the scene, creating new projects when their original bands inevitably splintered (members of Glassjaw went on to form Head Automatica and Men, Women, and Children, while original TBS members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper spearheaded Straylight Run after quitting the band in 2003). Later on, acts like Bayside, This Is Hell, Envy on the Coast and Crime In Stereo continued to make the Island proud.

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