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The Inbox

The Inbox: The Band Perry, NKOTB and More

by Rob Harvilla

The Inbox: The Band Perry, NKOTB and More


Star-Powered Country/Rock/Folk Excellence If The Chickeneers Aren't Enough for You:

The Band Perry, Pioneer
The Band Perry turn things up on sophomore effort Pioneer, opening with singles "Better Dig Two" and "Done" before taking a turn into new territory. Just check out "Forever Mine Nevermind" and the '70s-rock-inspired wah-wah pedal on "I'm a Keeper." [Linda Ryan]

Wry, Hilarious Pop Punk Rambunctiousness for Those of You Who Can't Get Enough of Well-Executed April Fool's Jokes:

Alkaline Trio, My Shame Is True
As per usual, My Shame Is True (a play on Elvis Costello's My Aim Is True) is a pun-soaked, hijinks-stained, hook-laden slab of pop punk. On "I Wanna Be a Warhol" -- which sounds a lot like early Foo Fighters -- Matt Skiba digs a girl so much that he longs to be turned into one of the artist's classic DayGlo silkscreens just so he can hang from her wall. [Justin Farrar]

All-Grown-Up, Pleasantly Poppy, Tastefully Auto-Tuned Boy-Band Splendor For Die-Hard Fans Who Vote With Their Lunch Boxes:

New Kids on the Block, 10
Here's the thing about being a massively successful, era-specific boy band a couple decades into manhood: Either you gotta go full-on nostalgia, or you have to contribute to the current pop dialogue. 10 doesn't quite do either (though Donnie's rap on "Miss You More" will be fun for die-hard fans). Instead, it assembles pleasant, innocuous songs slicked down with synths, light dance beats and voices Auto-Tuned into indistinguishability. [Rachel Devitt]

Super-Fuzzed Grunge Godfather Jams for Seattle Mariners Fans Psyched for Another MLB Opening Day:

Mudhoney, Vanishing Point
One of the pioneers of grunge has also turned out to be its most longstanding devotee. This isn't by choice, but rather a function of the fact that Mudhoney are sonic primitives who can do one thing and one thing only: superfuzz punk 'n' roll. [Justin Farrar]

Confrontational, Polarizing Bromides Against Fans and Critics Alike from the Best Rapper with His Own Cartoon Network Show:

Tyler, the Creator, Wolf
Wolf finds Tyler in a more generous mood than 2011's Goblin. He lobs a few nasty epithets like before, but he spends more time reflecting on fame ("Awkward") and rabid fans ("Colossus") while trying to convince us he isn't homophobic ("Rusty"). He overuses a keyboard melody inspired by N.E.R.D., but he works up some clever rhythms, too, on "Ifhy" and "48." [Mosi Reeves]

Tex-Mex Latin Pop Greatness for Those Who Truly Appreciate Displays of Pure Accordion Mastery:

Intocable, En Peligro de Extinción
Intocable have always been as handy with Tex-Mex, pop and country as they are with Mexican conjuntos and corridos. But En Peligro really puts down roots in that crossover sound. Hooting and tooting accordions do-si-do with pop-friendly hooks and country crooning on cuts like "Cómo Se Olvida" that go down as smooth and satisfying as a cold cerveza. [Rachel Devitt]