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#TBT: The History of Harmony: The '70s

#TBT: The History of Harmony: The '70s

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As our peek at the evolution of vocal harmony in the pop/rock realm rounds the corner into the “Me Decade” (scroll to the bottom to see our posts on the '50s and the '60s), the psychedelia, folk rock and sunshine pop of the ‘60s evolves into something mellower.

Country rockers like Poco, the Eagles and Pure Prairie League featured close harmonies as a key part of their sound. The more commercial side of country rock ended up as a close cousin to the sleek ‘70s pop that some snarkily call “yacht rock.” However you categorize the likes of Ambrosia, Chicago, et al, there’s no denying the fact that sleek, spotless harmony was a key component of their sound. On the rockier side of the spectrum, AOR kingpins like Boston, Styx and REO Speedwagon relied heavily on the same. And on a less mainstream level, power pop (Big Star, The Rubinoos) and New Wave brought to bear a scrappier sound that still had plenty of room for potent vocal blends.

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