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The Daughters of Dolly

by Jim Allen

The Daughters of Dolly

About this playlist

They hail from different generations -- from baby boomers to Gen Xers and beyond -- and different sections of the musical map (pop, bluegrass, alt country, you name it) but these women all have one crucial thing tying them together. They'd all be proud to be considered the daughters of Dolly Parton. That doesn't mean they all necessarily sound like her -- the biggest thing these artists probably picked up from Dolly is the importance of being an individual -- but from Kellie Pickler's latest album to Emmylou Harris' earliest, the influence, at least, is audible. Having started her recording career while still a child, Parton has four and a half decades' worth of powerhouse vocalizing to her name, and her pipes are as potent as ever, so she'll undoubtedly influence whomever ends up being the next generation's most astute artists. In the meantime, take a tumble through a batch of the best tracks by the ever-increasing army of Dolly's disciples.

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