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Artist Spotlight

The Best of The Dismemberment Plan

by Dan Weiss

The Best of The Dismemberment Plan


About this playlist

Fans of The Dismemberment Plan consider them one of the most talented, prescient, dynamic and hilarious acts of the last 20 years. Now that they've reunited for the poppy, synth-glazed Uncanney Valley, it's time to remember how much enjoyable and innovative music the band has made since its inception. While songs like "The Ice of Boston," "What Do You Want Me to Say?" and "The City" never got their chance to shine on modern-rock radio, plenty of D.C. hardcore kids respected the dissonant roar of "Manipulate Me" and "Survey Says," while Death Cab for Cutie fans found solace in the twinkling jangle of "Following Through" and "Come Home." Then there's the bizarro squeal of such quixotic tantrums as "Girl O'Clock," "Bra" and "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich." Their five albums present not different bands but the remarkably fast and smart evolution of one incredible one.

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